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The world of logistics is fast paced and rapidly evolving,  without proper communications and vehicle tracking systems it is hard to be competitive.


We recommend a PoC system as the most cost effective method of communication and GPS tracking. With our vehicle mounted PoC Radios you get instant voice communication, to your whole fleet, custom groups or just to an individual radio.  The GPS tracking can be monitored from the dispatch software on a windows PC. 

tracking screen shot.png

Our multi network operator SIM cards offer 97% UK Coverage. The devices automatically roam between networks to ensure you have the strongest connection. Our Sim cards also work across Europe. PoC offers a cost effective solution where traditional VHF/UHF systems cannot by utilising the existing cellular network. 

iPTT M400 transparent.png

In remote regions with poor cellular coverage it can be hard to keep in contact with your vehicles. HF is the most cost effective solution for communicating with drivers and tracking vehicles, over long distances.  

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