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Reliable communication between staff members is key to the smooth running of your school or college. From the entrance gate to the back office, or out on a trip. We can provide a solution to keep you in contact at all times. 


Our entry level solution would be licence free radios, these operate on a set of public frequencies called PMR446. Motorola solutions provide durable cost effective license free radios. The model we would recommend for schools is the XT185, with it's small size and light weight 1130mAh Li-ion battery. Make it pleasant to carry or clip to a lapel. the powerful battery can last up to 24 hours.

See our full selection of license free radios here

The drawbacks of licence free radio is its range and security. Push to talk over cellular (PoC) eliminates these drawbacks by providing a secure private network, without the need for investment in costly infrastructure. PoC provides a feature set that only the top tier of VHF/UHF systems can provide. 

Flexible voice calls, one to one calls can easily be made between the radios to ensure privacy within the network. unlimited groups can be configured to allow the right information to reach the right people.  

Our PoC radios provide coverage throughout Europe, by utilising our multi network operator sim cards. Available in both hand held and vehicle mounted options. The devices have integrated GPS which can be monitored from the dispatch software on a windows PC. 

No Signal, No problem. We can program our POC radios to work over your WiFi network. No more worrying if your radios will reach all your staff you can have instant communications wherever they are. 

See our selection of iPTT PoC devices here

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