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Established to provide best in class professional two-way communications and information systems, together with one of the best service and support offerings available in the communications industry.


Today Sadlesea has offices providing sales, project implementation and support in the UK and Kenya (via our sister company Digital Radio Limited) providing:

  • Pre-sales:

    • Tender responses

    • System design

    • RF coverage / radio propagation studies

  • Post-sales:

    • Project consultancy / Project Management

    • Project engineering

    • Installation and commissioning

    • Product and operational training

    • 1st line post-sales support

  • End-user opportunity development

    • We work with end-users directly, to create/develop opportunities. 

  • Staff

    • Highly trained and motivated staff

      • David Sadler:  Business Development

      • Phil King:  Customer Support

      • Sam Reese:  Operations

      • Communications technicians

      • Rigger’s

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