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VHF Helical Antenna (152-174MHz)

Motorola VHF Helical Antenna (152-174MHz) for R7, R2, DP4000e and DP2000e

Excluding Sales Tax
  • This is the PMAD4118A VHF Helical Antenna (152-174MHz). It is compatible with the R7, R2, DP4000, DP4000e, DP2000 & DP2000e series.

    These radios include:

    DP4400 DP4400e DP2400 DP2400e
    DP4401 DP4401e DP2600 DP2600e
    DP4600 DP4600e R7 R7a
    DP4601 DP4601e R2  
    DP4800 DP4800e    
    DP4801 DP4801e
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