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Smarter Solutions for Smarter Business with Sadlesea and iPTT

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Sadlesea Communications is please to announce a new relationship with International Push to Talk Ltd (iPTT).

iPTT solves long range two-way radio communication and live GPS location tracking challenges faced by many businesses and organisations across the UK, EU and globally. Customers are asking for more and more out of their traditional analogue and digital two-way radio systems and 50, 100 nor 5,000 mile coverage is not financially feasible for the average radio system.

Through iPTT Sadlesea can offer you 97% UK and European wide coverage as standard.

GPS tracking, voice dispatch and call recording are standard benefits of their professional two-way communications solution. Their communications and tracking solution uses some of the most tough, durable and advanced Wide Area PTT Radio Terminals available, meaning your investment is protected.

With iPTT's professional communications and GPS tracking solution you get some of the best service and support available in the industry.

For more information please contact

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