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GLOBE 5.80 Transat

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Supporting our friend Keith Oliver getting to the start line of the 2023 McIntyre Globe 5.80 Transat

The Globe 5.80 Transat is a 3,500-mile sailing race across the Atlantic

Sailing alone across the Atlantic is a feat in itself, but the sailors of the Globe 5.80 Transat set the bar even higher: Buying plans for a 5.8 metre mini-yacht for €300, getting some good plywood and fibreglass, building the boat in their garage or garden, then racing it solo across the Atlantic!

The mini-fleet will leave Marina del Lagos, Portugal on Sunday, November 12th for a five to six-day qualifying voyage to Rubicon Marina, Lanzarote.

The race will then start on Saturday, November 25th for the big crossing to Falmouth Bay, Antigua. Their arrival is expected just before Christmas.

British entrant Keith Oliver is currently fighting to win the race-to-the-race before he can join the ‘real’ one. Challenged by time, delays and now Storm Ciaran. He has less than two weeks to get all systems running and make the start of the qualifier in Lagos on November 12th. Every day counts now to get to Lagos Portugal and get valuable miles in the wake before the big jump!

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